A Few of My Favorite Things

20170124_125039This picture represents my hopes and goals. I’d even go so far as to add a hashtag and make it #lifegoals.


Someday I, too, may be part of a used bookstore promotion to clean off some shelves and get rid of 12 romance novels for 1.00$


It may sound bitter or snarky, but really, that is the goal. To have enough of my books in print that someday a bookstore will have to get rid of some at a ridiculously good bargain price.


And those 12 romance novels? I found some darn good ones in there. I’m completing more research, thanks to that taped-up red bag. And I discovered a new-to-me author (Lisa Kleypas) who is amazing and gave me a lot of inspiration for my own writing. So this is my hope, and my goal.


I drink a lot of tea while I’m reading and this bag was a great excuse to give myself lots of this goodness over here. I’m living the dream.






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