7 Parenting Sites/Magazines that Will Pay You to Write for Them

Everyone likes to get paid for their words


Trying to make some extra income by freelancing is hard. I find myself heading for Google over and over to search for things like “websites that pay writers” and “mom blogs that pay”. It’s easy to find lists like these, but less simple when you start clicking on the links.

First of all, a lot of times the sites are not a viable option for you. They’re no longer paying for guest posts (i.e. ScaryMommy) or have found a stable of writers and don’t need submissions anymore (i.e. A Fine Parent.) And don’t get me started on how many of the magazines/websites are regional. Only for parents in Michigan, or Arizona (where I don’t happen to live, so, yeah, can’t write for them.)

Second, in the world of the Internet things change constantly. Lists of paying sites that were accurate in 2015 are no longer a good resource. I’ll try my best to make sure this list stays live and accurate as things change but I’m sure that in two years it will have to be completely updated.

Anyway, I’ve found the lists, tried the links, submitted, been rejected, and sometimes accepted. In the process I’ve found sites that aren’t on those lists. Let me share the trial and error I’ve done with you. If you’re interested in writing for a parent focused site and getting paid, this is for you.

1. Her View From Home

Up to 100$ per post, paid by page views.

Her View is aimed at “millions of mothers connected by love, friendship, family and faith.” They’re looking for 600-800 words. Payment starts at 0$ for 0-250 page views of your article and works all the way up to 100$ for 4K + views. Page views are tracked for 30 days after your piece goes up. Online submission form.

write for her page.

2. Stork Guide

50$ per original article, flat fee.

Stork Guide is aimed at new parents and covers topic from pregnancy to dealing with toddlers. They’re looking for a minimum of 700 words, shorter posts do not get paid. On the plus side, you get paid regardless of pageviews. Online application form.

write for stork

3. Sammiches and Psych Meds

Up to 50$ per post, paid by page views

Sammiches and Psych meds is the new Scary Mommy. Written with lots of humor and maybe some cussing, they want 500-1,000 word posts for parents at all stages. 0-999 page views gets you 0$, 999-1,999 is 25$ and 2,000 + is 50$. Submissions go through the online Submittable site.

write for sammiches and psych meds

4. Focus on the Family/Thriving Families

50$ Flat fee for 50-300 word posts

Focus on the Family is an online and print based place to find articles on Christian parenting. Two separate magazines, but under one parent company with one submission form. Do not approach them unless you are willing to write faith-based pieces. They have ongoing calls for specific submissions (holidays, summer break ideas, specific family issues) and explicit instructions about how to submit for each call with a separate email for each one.

Focus on the Family Call for Submissions

5. Mamalode

Up to 50$ per post, paid by page views

Parenting with a modern, humorous twist. They’re looking for articles between 400 and 1,500 words that are authentic, heartfelt and non-judgmental. Views are tracked for 30 days after your piece goes up and you are paid based on that. 5,000 + page views will net you 50$. Submissions are done online through Submittable.

write for Mamalode

6. Family Fun Magazine

1.25$ per word, depending on which section you’re writing for

Family Fun magazine is “the country’s number-one magazine for families with children ages 3-12.” They’re looking for articles on activities, vacation ideas, cooking, parties, and crafts. Their writing guidelines have specific sections like “Idea of the Month” or “Explore” and each one has a different word count and quoted payment. Payment runs anywhere from 100$ flat fee to 750$. Competition is stiff and I personally have had zero luck getting accepted by them but that doesn’t mean you will, so don’t let that stop you! Submissions are all emailed to the same lady with the appropriate section specified in the subject line.

Write for Family Fun

7. Parent.co

50$ flat fee plus up to 300$ in social share bonuses available

Parent.co is looking for research backed investigations, personal essays and timely reporting on all topics to do with parenting. Their keywords to remember are relatable, fresh, and informed. They respond within 21 days, which is nice, and offer the chance to become part of their writer Facebook page when you’re accepted. Submit online through Submittable.

Write for Parent.co

Need some more ideas? Start here with an excellent article by Elna at Twins Mommy.com on 12 sites that pay 100$ or more.

Or try this older article (from 2015) that still has some pretty good ideas from The Write Life, 28 Parenting Blogs and Magazines that Pay

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