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Comments Policy


And my comments policy is simple: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

I reserve the right to moderate all comments on my blog.

Anything I deem to be Total Jerk behavior will be flagged as spam and tossed out into the cold dark nowhere. A second infraction will get your IP address blocked. This is not a drill, and I don’t do warnings or second chances.

Total Jerk behavior includes but is not limited to: racism, abusive language, sexism, outright nastiness, homophobic rants, shameless self-promotion, and pretty much anything that starts in anti- and ends in -ism. This is my site and those things don’t fly here. As the Comment God for my page I will smite you with mighty smitings and afflict your comments with blindness, that others may never see them. You are perfectly entitled to freedom of speech, just remember that I also have freedom of not-listening.

Total Jerk behavior does not include: constructive criticism, cuss words, snarky banter or sarcasm. I love sarcasm.

If you need to report abuse please use the contact form, above.