Resources and Research Index

  1. Your brutally honest road map to getting published. 25 Steps to being published from Delilah S. Dawson.
  2. Good Basic Starter Page for everything you could want, from Writers Helping Writers.
  3. Directory of reviewers for indie publishers.
  4. Top 100 Writing Blogs from Feedspot, updated once a week using Feedspot’s search/social metrics.
  5. Fantastic resource for describing your characters who have dark skin, without resorting to “coffee” or “chocolate” from the blog Writing With Color.
  6. Legitimate writing contests that pay winners, list curated by The Write Life.

Query Letters/Querying

  1. Janet Reid takes big, educational bites out of queries.
  2. Query Letter Hell-when Janet isn’t mean enough.
  3. Writer’s Digest take on query letters.
  4. Jane Friedman’s take on query letters.
  5. Actual successful query letters from AgentQuery Connect. You don’t have to be a member to read the entries, but signing up is a good idea if you’re querying.
  6. Publisher’s, Agents & Querying from the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. The most complete listing of this type I’ve found, highly recommend.

Writing Tools

  1. Choosing your POV  and tips to combat head-hopping from Julianne Johnson.
  2. Hemingway Editing app highlights all (I mean all) your errors including grammar and readability. Paid and free versions.
  3. Index of Romance Tropes to inspire you, from Mindy Klasky.
  4. Randy Ingermanson’s take on head hopping (The author of “Writing Fiction for Dummies”)
  5. Jerry Jenkins fabulous examples in Showing vs. Telling: What you Need to Know.

Plotting/Outlining/Character Development

  1. Different Plot Outlines Free downloads from Writer’s Digest.
  2. Outlines, Characterization and Plotting Different free downloads for plotting & character from Duolit.

Fabulous Blogs

  1. Everything. Just everything. Search what you need.
  2. Writer’s Toolbox from a Writer’s Path. Fairly random and covers a lot.
  3. Nina Amir’s list of 20 Things Aspiring and Published Authors Can Blog About from the site Write Fiction


  1. Find a way to give back with your old books.
  2. 100 Best Romances from NPR reader voted bests in several genres.
  3. Dear Author reviews for your own book, recommendations and best-of lists from readers.