Sarah writes from the wild west of Nevada, which influences a lot of her books. She is a regular contributor to the blog Books Rock My World and a guest poster for various other sites like Writers Helping Writers, Women on Writing, Mamalode, Parent.co and Her View From Home. A full time mom by day and a reader/writer at night her family and absurdly friendly black cat keep her running but there is always time to read another manuscript, especially for a willing victim beta or critique partner.

  • Favorite authors: Robin McKinleyTamora PierceTerry PratchettStephen KingNeil GaimanJ.K. RowlingNora RobertsMary BaloghKylie ScottC.S. LewisJ. R. R. TolkeinEva Ibbotson and many others too numerous to list.
  • Will she re-read books? Yes. Her favorites get read so much that the spines wear out and she has to buy a new copy. That’s how you know it’s a favorite.
  • Tiny Destroyers who call her mom: three.
  • Day Job, when not a stay at home mom: Corralling the mucus fountains known as preschoolers while trying to convince them that learning is fun and markers are not for eating.
  • Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi, of course.
  • Team Angel or Team Spike? #TeamSpike. Devoted Joss Whedon fan.
  • How about horror movies? Hahaha nope. She’s a world class weenie when it comes to scary movies unless (and this is important) it’s based on a Stephen King novel. All other horror, especially anything with gore in it, need not apply.