When I’m a Millionaire, I’m Going to Spend it ALL On Books

Time for some more new-to-me authors and a few bite sized reviews. If I ever win some sort of lottery, the money will go towards books, shelves to hold the books, more books, and if I have enough, a book barn. Like a literal barn, stuffed full of literature. Writers must read, and read a [...]

Why I Love Writing Romance

As a romance author, February tends to be a pressurized month for me. It's the time of year when you can't move outside your house for fear of being slapped in the face by ferociously pink plastic hearts. I feel like I'm supposed to enjoy that sensation, or, you know, at least market with it. [...]

Paper Cuts Make Good Bait

On his blog, Terribleminds, Chuck Wendig regularly asks his readers to play along (it's a great blog, go follow it!) Every once in a while he asks for some fun made-up titles and then challenges his readers to come up with a flash fic for those titles.. It's entertaining and I enjoy reading what people come [...]