The 10 Totally Made-Up Commandments of Querying

Just for fun, and because sarcasm is my second language. The process of querying is hard on the soul (lets not even go near my ego for a while, it's crouched in the corner and I think I hear sobbing) so I blow off some steam by writing with humor about the process. Look, it's [...]

The Magic of Manuscript Rejections; Month 3

Three months into this journey. By this time I get to look back on my shiny new starting to query self, point, and laugh. I wasn't so blindly optimistic that I thought my first round of queries would result in a book deal. The research and all the articles I found made it pretty clear [...]

The Magic of Manuscript Rejections; Part the Second

Lets review the scoreboard so far! Established Medium Size Agency: #pass, with a very polite form letter. Much appreciated. Established Medium Size Agency: No reply, which means #pass New Small Agency: Zero reply and it's past their stated 4 week response time. #pass Established Medium Size: Still no reply. Their stated reply window is 12 weeks [...]