Welcome to the long journey.

Currently unpublished, S.E White is an author living deep in the Query Trenches. As soon as she has a publishing offer in hand this depressingly empty section of the website will be full of links to buy her books. For now, come along to find hope, humor, tips, tricks and resources for your own writing road.

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Sarah writes from the wild west of Nevada, which influences a lot of her books. She is a regular contributor to the blog Books Rock My World and a guest poster for various other sites like Writers Helping Writers, Women on Writing, Mamalode, Parent.co and Her View From Home. A full time mom by day and a reader/writer at night her family and absurdly friendly black cat keep her running but there is always time to read another manuscript, especially for a willing victim beta or critique partner.

  • Favorite authors: Robin McKinleyTamora PierceTerry PratchettStephen KingNeil GaimanJ.K. RowlingNora RobertsMary BaloghKylie ScottC.S. LewisJ. R. R. TolkeinEva Ibbotson and many others too numerous to list.
  • Will she re-read books? Yes. Her favorites get read so much that the spines wear out and she has to buy a new copy. That’s how you know it’s a favorite.
  • Tiny Destroyers who call her mom: three.
  • Day Job, when not a stay at home mom: Corralling the mucus fountains known as preschoolers while trying to convince them that learning is fun and markers are not for eating.
  • Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi, of course.
  • Team Angel or Team Spike? #TeamSpike. Devoted Joss Whedon fan.
  • How about horror movies? Hahaha nope. She’s a world class weenie when it comes to scary movies unless (and this is important) it’s based on a Stephen King novel. All other horror, especially anything with gore in it, need not apply.


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