S.E White is a querying author, and as soon as she has a publishing offer in hand this depressingly empty section of the website will be full of links to buy her books. For now, come along to find encouragement, articles, and resources for your own writing journey. Agonize with her as she wades knee-deep through manuscript rejections on the long journey to published author status.

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Sarah is an author writing from Carson City, Nevada with a few finished manuscripts looking for a home. She is a regular contributor to the blog Books Rock My World, having some fun with the romance genre she writes in, and a guest poster for various other sites. Her dream has always been to hold a book in her hands that says S.E. White is the author and she is actively pursuing the steps to make that dream a reality while the query rejections add that fun dream-puncturing touch. A full time mom by day and a reader/writer at night her three children, husband and absurdly friendly black cat keep her running but there is always time to read another manuscript, especially for a willing victim beta or critique partner. Follow the blog to find the tips, tricks, and fabulous resources she stumbles upon.

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