*None of these are published*

These are the Query letter descriptions that will hopefully get them published.

  • Nevada Series

I Choose You

Confident and ambitious, Alan Davis left Dayton Nevada in 1876 for the bustling capital city of Sacramento California. He’s ready to earn his fortune, become an important man and marry into a family worthy of such big dreams.

Dorothy Cross has learned the hard way from uncaring, selfish parents that your love isn’t always returned and there’s nothing you can do to earn it. She is not interested in romance when it will only remind her how unlovable she is. Her attraction to the arrogant newcomer in her aunt’s boarding house is an unwelcome distraction.

A  backbreaking job will take a long time to transform into a fortune, and making friends with outcasts like Chinese neighbor Quong Ah is going to place more roadblocks in Alan’s path to importance. Just when fate introduces him to the high society daughter of a wealthy lawyer, Alan realizes he is falling in love with prickly, guarded Dorothy. All Alan has found so far in Sacramento are dead-ends for his dreams. He is going to have to choose between what he thought he wanted and what life has given him, and Dorothy will have to decide whether or not to trust him with an already broken heart.

Taking place in Victorian era Sacramento, “I Choose You” is a historical romance, complete at 40,000 words.

Love Letters

Young farmer John Moretti is on the way to his wedding, unaware that there is a difference between just being married, and being in love. This wedding has been the brightest dream in his steady, loving heart for years. What he doesn’t know is that his new wife Anne is sure that she had fallen in love already, and not with him. Her childhood crush is off to the big city and never coming back so she is settling for giving John was is left of her heart and hoping that will be enough.

Even though their chemistry is undeniable, building a loving marriage out of such different foundations has no guarantee. When John finds out that he might not have been the lifelong wish for Anne that she was for him a happily ever after seems forever out of reach.  

Taking place in the state of Nevada, “Love Letters” is set on John’s farm outside Dayton in the late 1870s and is complete at novella length of 24,600 words

For Your Love

Giovanni Moretti brought his young bride Teresa to America on the day after their wedding in June of 1857. He promised her all the dreams and riches the new world could provide, confident that together they would find all of that and more.

Twenty-two years later he is the owner of a small farm outside of Dayton, Nevada. What riches they have come and go with the price of hay every year. Twenty years has beaten down a lot of dreams. Teresa sees their land and their three children as the most beautiful dream America had to offer.

Giovanni is tired of leaving his dreams behind. The new world had plenty to offer everyone except for him. He is heading for the Comstock and the mines to finally scrape out a fortune no matter how dangerous the work is, or how the rumors of the mines failing fly. Teresa can’t stand the idea of losing her husband to a fiery, crushing death in the mines. If he makes the choice to leave them, she promises him they won’t be there when, or if, he comes back. If he stays, it means he fought his way across the continent and left all of his promises behind.

Love On the Comstock

Quong Ah is through with Sacramento, tired of the sideways looks and shoves from the crowds, sick of being called “coolie” and suspected for every crime.

His friend Alan has told him all about Nevada, and the Comstock Lode. While he may not be popular there, at least he won’t be threatened with hanging every time a mob decides that all Chinese men look alike. He will find out that there are many different types of discrimination as he tries to scrape out a living in the mines that are dominated by Welsh and German foremen. One foreman in particular antagonizes him daily, pushing him to be better or quit, and for some reason Quong can’t help trying to prove to Evans that he belongs there.

Dai Evans emigrated to the new world and found all doors open to a Welshman with some experience mining. The gold rush in California made him money, but the Comstock Lode with its deep mines is going to make him filthy rich. He has a suspicion in this winter of 1880 that the mines are just about played out but he’s going to get what he can, build his ostentatious mansion and live out the rest of his life alone, in style. If only he could get the irritation of a scrawny, stubborn Chinese laborer out of his life.


  • Other Books

Los Días de Los Muertos

Mayahuel García decided three months ago to embrace her American culture by moving far away from her tight-knit Mexican family for college in Elko Nevada. As she watches an infected man punch through a windshield to start munching on a cop, that decision is starting to sound even worse than any of her mother’s dire predictions. Her independence might just kill her, now that the world is divided into infected flesh eaters and the normal people trying to survive them.

          She’s never thought of herself as strong or brave or inventive but she is about to find out that she can be all of that and more as she fights her way through a world of the dead on her way to her family in Las Vegas. Getting to her family is the only thing driving her now and she will be ready for anything, except for what she finds waiting for her.


The Words on your skin don’t guarantee you a happily ever after.

Most people have easy Words like Is this seat taken? to look forward to, but Amati Das has always been afraid of hers. Unlike the vast majority of the population in this alternate universe, she’s not looking for her Soulmate. Now that she’s in college Amati is starting to get a grip on her panic attacks with the help of her new therapy group. There’s no sign of her Soulmate yet, or the terrible future Fate promised by giving her those Words. Then the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen runs by on his morning jog.

Mister Hot Jogger, also known as David Ortiz, joins her cognitive behavioral therapy group. He’s a veteran and needs the therapy to deal with his PTSD. As if post traumatic stress wasn’t enough, David has some fears connected to his own Words that he keeps secret. He’s as smart as he is good-looking . . . but they still haven’t spoken to each other and Amati is terrified of what will happen when they do. If he is her Soulmate, the brightest memory of them he’ll have will be the color of her blood. If he is her Soulmate, nothing can prevent them from speaking those fatal first Words to each other.

Complete at 40,000 words, FATEFUL is a New Adult love story with a touch of fantasy/alternate universe.


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